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PallaPalla's Super Duper...oh hell, I forgot.

Here's Why:

  • There was NOTHING right about this site :D

   Nominated by: The Entire Amazoness Quartet



Yeow! Why do I suddenly feel like I've been hit with a tomato!?
First of all, the information supplied in this page supposedly comes from "Yaoi Monthly". You and I both know this is a fake magazine, however, say for a moment this was a real site, not a case study. Anime/manga magazines are pretty obscure little things, so when you say you are quoting from a magazine give the name of the magazine, the issue and volume number, the title of the article, and the author of the article. Yes, just like you would in a bibliography for school or any kind of research. This will help prove to people this is a real magazine article, not some second or even third hand information you picked up from someone.
Next, when writing information about the characters, leave your opinion out of it! As Joe Friday would say, "Just the facts ma'am." Expressing your opinions on a character is fine, but leave it till after you have said the facts. Put it in a separate paragraph right on the end of the page or something. "sailor neptune - aka Michelle Karson is stupid and gay." Did I ask for your opinion yet? No, I want to know about the character first!
Of course, correct information is always a must, and spelling is always something to watch for too, but this page makes the biggest no-no of all. Look at the very bottom of the page. What is that? "This site was made by PallaPalla. My real name is Farrah Nobakah. I live on 6733 Creekwater Road in Springfield. I am 14 years old and I am a straight A+ student at Springfield High School." Internet Rule Number 1: Never, ever, give out your home address and personal information, especially if your under 18 years old. It's just too dangerous! Giving your real name, listing your interests and even giving a picture of yourself is fine, but that's it. Nothing else. If you absolutely want to have people send you things through 'ye olde snail mail', I would recommend renting a Post Office Box. Sure they cost money, but they are cheap when you consider how much less your safety will be at risk.


[Slides on her shades to prevent her from being blinded by the red and green while she reviews this site.]
Wow, Christmas in July or what? This site certainly isn't anything I'd want to find under my tree. The first problem (after the blinding colors) are the graphics, as in their size, the being broken links, and why is Fushigi Yuugi on a Sailor Moon page?
My next problem with this site is the author's inability to spell. Among one of the (incorrect) Sailor Facts is this nugget: 'Serrina is illiterate...sjhe canm't write'. Apparently, neither can the author. Please, if you're going to dedicate a page to Sailor Moon, at least know how to spell their names! Don't get me wrong, this problem is nothing a spell checker couldn't fix on the English side. Too bad the fix for incorrect info is a bit more involved.
Sailor Moon is out there, it's been done. There are few rocks left to be overturned regarding info. So, instead of making stuff up, why not look it up? Sites like Doi's and The Sailor Senshi Page cover the subject well enough for a person to get a grasp of Sailor Moon.



You know, it's rather silly for me to review the webpage I just did, but I'm going to because there are certain things I purposely did because they're the absolute worst things you can there are a few things I added that no one has caught yet (I was the third person to review ^^). Time for PallaPalla's Top Ten!
1. The title. - It's entirely too long and entirely vain. I'm sick of seeing titles called like, "My Best Sailor Moon Site Ever!" or something with waaaaaay too many adjectives. EX+ Alpha, huh? Good old Street Fighter. ^^;
2. The colors - hideous, should I elaborate? Nah.
3. Weird, nonsensical, obviously fake information - "PallaPalla is in the Amizones Quartet, her element is Palaces." Palaces..hehe, as in castles. *Has the mental image of PallaPalla dropping a castle on someone's head.*
4. Made up sources. - This is an inside joke. Actually, there MIGHT be a "Yaoi Monthly" as this person states. But this would definately be a Japanese magazine. Yaoi is an anime/manga genre that is about sexual relationships between two men (Thanx Jan! ^^;) sooo....with this knowledge, why would Naoko be interviewed by them when she has no yaoi anime or manga? (Tho, Kunzite & Zoicite get kinda close to that, ne? ^^;)
5-1. Sheer Stupidity. - "she is very smart--smarter than me!!!!!!!!! HER FAVORITE FOOD IS PIE AND HER BEST ATTACK IS SHINE AQUA STORM. sorry my caps button was held down. " It doesn't take a genius to be smarter than this person I created. :P Why post that your caps button was held down? Why don't you just do a lil backspace? (I *have* seen this on a site before.)
Trying to pass Yui off as Haruka is just a cardinal sin. Haruka is so much cooler than that psycho :P Uh..right anyways, if you look closely, it says "Seiryuu no Miko" under Sailor Uranus. ^^;
Deciding that two characters in Sailormoon (Pluto and Saturn) are like the goth kids at your school is totally wrong. THEY ARE NOT GOTH! Anyways...
Ah, one last thing...if you couldn't tell (cauz you can't. ^^;) the images that are broken are supposed to be directly linked (look at the source) which is another very bad thing.

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