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Case Study
Pet Peeves

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So, even with all the web pages of Sailor Moon there are you want to make a Web Page? We've noticed some things A LOT of people want to know: how to make a good web page, how to avoid making a bad page, or how to make an existing one better. So here they are, suggestions and tips on what to do and not do.

Resources :  A collection of pages to help you with your site.
  • HTML Help Pages
  • JAVA Script Help Pages
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Colour Codes for HTML
  • Graphics Help Pages
  • Free Webspace Info
  • Shareware Sites
  • Free Fonts, Graphics, etc.
  • Sailormoon Page Help
  • Anime/Manga News
  • Miscellaneous
  • Advanced Resources

  • Articles :  Articles on Design, Content, and other items.
  • Steps to Making a Page
  • Promoting Your Site
  • Other Design Tips
  • Tips On How to Do Research
  • Character Name Spellings
  • How to Borrow from Others
  • How to Rate Your Content
  • Common Mistakes

  • Columns :  Page Improvements articles from other parts of our site.
  • Our Rantings and Ravings Articles
  • Guest Articles from The Lemure Files
  • Our Special Features Articles

  • A Case Study
    This section includes a mock "bad" page, which we review. Also contains a step by step analysis of what exactly went wrong.

    Pet Peeves
    Each of us express our own personal dislikes about bad things on SM sites.

    Thanks to Mara K. for providing the little gifs of the AQ.

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