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So you want even more help? Well it just so happens we got some! Here are some selected articles from other parts of our site with tips and information on improving your site.

AQ's Rantings and Ravings

  • DiC, DiC DiC...(New Guidelines)
    A look at some of the new info to come out of the last 17 dubbed episodes.
  • Stop Thief!
    A short example to show why you shouldn't just rip off pics without asking first.
  • Just Awards
    Discuses how to and not how you should set-up award schemes for your page.
  • Christmas in July
    Some of the latest trends from the summer of 1998.
  • Spring Cleaning
    A mis-mash of stuff, including the confusion over the english character names, the Web Page Review Site trend.
  • Scales of the Web
    About the balance fan/hobbist webmasters must consider when making a web site.
  • SM Business 101: Do you really need a domain?
    What you should consider before shelling out the money to buy a domain for a SM or anime site.
  • New Annoyances
    A rant about how stupid that anti-right click script is, and a little note about "fake" bad pages.
  • A Big Zero
    Remember the rant about what you should consider before spending the money on a domain? Well this one's on what you need to consider before getting a free domain!
  • No Miners Allowed in this Bar
    A commentary on a site that was brought to our attention, called "MediaMiner".

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Lemure Files: Guest Articles

  • Much Ado About Nothing
    From May 23rd, 1998. By: Ben Goodger. Why and how your page should try and make the presentation of info as original as possible.
  • The Great Ego Trip
    From June 20th, 1998. By: Rowena Lim. Good for a look at what you should or shouldn't do when thinking up a name for your page.
  • Awards
    From July 14th, 1998. By: Sailor Yohko. Another look at how to set up award schemes on your page.
  • About the Intriguing Relationship between Haruka and Michiru
    From July 18th, 1998. By: eViL rEbO. About the relationship between Haruka and Michiru. What is it really like? Humorous in spots.
  • Mara's Flame Survival Guide, version 1.0
    From July 21st, 1998. By: Mara K. How to survive those stupid flames that every website owner will receive at some point. Humorous in spots.
  • A Path That Leads Nowhere
    From August 1st, 1998. By: Melissa Farrell. Avoid having those broken links so you can avoid having annoyed visitors.
  • The Need for Speed
    From September 16th, 1998. By Apatt. Tips on how to make your site faster!
  • Good Form
    From February 1st, 1999. By Ben Goodger. So you don't think you need to know HTML, as long as you have a nice HTML editor to do it for you? Think again.
  • Standards
    From February 10th, 1999. By The Lizzard. A professional webpage designer shares the HTML standards you should follow when making any webpage.
  • Picture Imperfect
    From June, 1999. By Jade. A rant about direct linking/bandwidth stealing.
  • Whatchew Talkin' 'Bout Willis?
    From September, 1999. By Ben Goodger. A Brief Introduction to Mozilla Technology. About the group that helps to put together Netscape browsers and what they are up to with the future Netscape 5.
  • Ice and Bubbles
    From November, 1999 . By Marina. One person shares her feelings about how you should title your SM page.
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
    From December, 1999. By Serenity Raye. Just in time for Christmas, Serenity provides us with an alternate version of a well-known Christmas Carol, singing the praises (well not really "praises") of bad webpages.
  • Mistakes, Mistakes, and yes More Mistakes
    From March, 2000. By Silverfire. A list of some of the common mistakes a lot of SM pages make over and over and over and...
  • It's Good to be Bad
    From May, 2000. By ChibiKitschu. Covers sites which give out awards to sites of questionable quality.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    From August, 2000. By Serenity Raye. A salute to talented Wbedesigners everywhere.
  • Website Extras: Why?
    From September, 2000. By Ice. A rant about all of the junk that can pile up on some webpages and what you should consider before adding a new feature to your website.
  • Website Extras: Why?
    From September, 2000. By Ice. A rant about all of the junk that can pile up on some webpages.
  • A Horror Story about Copycats
    From November, 2000. By Sailor Saturngirl. An article about making sure you're sure who copied who before you go pointing fingers.
  • The Geocities Catch
    From November, 2001. By Rowena Lim Lei. A long-time Geocities user expresses her problems and experiences with the changes at Geocities, including that tiny bandwidth limit.

If you have a column you think would be an excellent addition to this list, please visit the Lemure Files Submission Rules for instructions on how to send it in.

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Special Feature Articles

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