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Case Study :  Introduction

Welcome to our little Case Study Section. In this section we will present a sample "bad page" followed by a step-by-step analysis of what went wrong with this site. You can also check out a mock review of this site done in the typical style of our "Worst of the Month" reviews.

We hope this section will be beneficial by visually showing some of the most common mistakes with a Sailormoon webpage, and pointing out how we review pages.

The page you will be viewing is called:
"PallaPalla-sama's Totally Awesome Super Duper EX Plus Alpha Sailor Moon Universe".

Here's why Palla made this site:

"Well, to show you an example of what NOT to do. I know we try to show what not to do by pointing it out on people's sites, but I believe that the..thing...I just created is a compilation of EVERY bad thing a person can do. ^^

Also, I consider this something of a rant. I put in everything that made me mad over the years, idiocy, ignorance, made-up-stuff, a (pretend it is) stolen image, and general crappiness. It was actually alot of fun making it, I found I had to REALLY try to make it bad. ^_^; Consider this PallaPalla's greatest achievement ;P No, consider it my worst nightmare. ^^;"

So check out Palla's page first, then use the links on the bottom of that page to continue on to the analysis and then the mock review. One more warning, none of the links on the page actually go anywhere, other than the ones on the very bottom. So do not bother clicking them. This webpage is only the one single HTML file.

Slight disclaimer: Palla's site is not meant to reflect or resemble any particular site. We are not making fun of anyone with this page. Palla just went nuts and threw together something that contains some of the most common mistakes we have seen. If your page does resemble this one, well then pay attention! You are going to need this more than anyone else!

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