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Pet Peeves

Some stuff we each look for and have problems with:

CereCere   CereCere:

  • Scrolling: don't make your pages so long that it takes forever to load them and then scroll all the way through them. Divide them up into separate html files or something.
  • Egos: I hate people who say, "Welcome to my awesome page!!!" The truth is it might be awesome for a while, but it will soon be out done. Plus that's just your own opinion, a kind of biased one at that. (BTW, for you flamers, everything we say is our own opinion, and I don't think we're the most awesome people in the world.)
  • Too much flashy stuff: it's great to use some JAVA and moving stuff, but don't overdo it, and make sure there's at least some info on your page unless you're going to specialize in something like midi files, pics, or something.
  • No mixing Japanese and Dic: Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with people who do a page on the Dic series. The problem happens when they try to 'Dic' up the series and characters that Dic hasn't done anything with. If you have a Dic/CWI based page and want to tell people what happens after those eps, tell them using the Japanese names and stuff, don't try to dub them on your own.
  • Don't copy: So you see some info and stuff you like on someone's page? Write a link to it for people to check it out, don't cut and paste it without permission. More than likely not going to get sued if you do, but most people will hate your guts if they notice it.
  • Three recent trends I dislike:
    1. That javascript that "turns off" right clicks to prevent people from stealing pics. There are so many ways around that script it's only effective against fresh newbies who do not realize the other ways you can save pics. Meanwhile, people like me who love using "open in new window" for jumping around sites are stuck with annoying messages boxes.
    2. Sites which cram everything into a very small frame "box". Sites that do this make you scroll more, plus for things like image galleries it is impossible to do any good browsing.
    3. Sailor Moon sites that have index pages featuring only pictures from other anime/manga. This makes it confusing to newbies and oldbies alike. Is this a SM site or a Eva one?! I can understand some people want something different, but a SM site, should have SM on the index. SM is your site, SM fans are your audience, so use SM materials. Now I don't feel this applies to "Collective Sites", unless of course all the sites in the collective are SM related.

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VesVes   VesVes:

  • Just because the technology is out there, don't put it all on your page! I hate pages full of moving .gifs and JAVA script and all that stuff. One of something is enough.
  • Don't put something on the Internet if it's already been said. How many times do I need to see the same Sailormoon page? Once. Make sure what you're putting up is something that people can actually *LEARN* from.
  • If you're going to make an NA page, fine. But don't try and incorporate Japanese things into it! Don't put all of Mars' attacks if you're going to do a NA SM page.
  • I hate pages that use "Scouts" for Senshi not yet dubbed. I Hate the word Scout... Senshi means Soldier or Warrior.. Do you know what a Scout does? A Scout sells cookies and goes on camping trips to earn merit badges.
  • Give credit where it is DUE! You can ALWAYS tell when someone stole from another!

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JunJun   JunJun:

  • Don't plagiarize... That's one of the things that really pisses me off. Some people actually *TRY* to do their own work.
  • Moving .gifs and JAVA and MIDIs don't impress me... You can't judge a page by those standards. So if you're relying on only those things, you don't have much of a page.
  • Write about what you KNOW. Don't try talking about something when you have NO IDEA what it's about.
  • Get rid of those intermingling NA and Japanese names. If you want to talk about both of them, make two different sections or obviously distinguish between them without confusing them. This includes NA and Japanese info like attacks and backgrounds and storylines too. NA SM and the Japanese SM are way different, so don't assume that one applies to the other.
  • If you have a page with lots of pics and stuff, make a text format. That helps a whole lot, and people will be grateful. And don't shove all your information onto one page. Depending on how much space you have, you can generally make different pages.
  • Don't brag about how great your page is... That's another thing that annoys me: people saying, "Come to this AWESOME page" which turns out to be pretty lame. Even if your page has won a million awards, that doesn't mean your page is the best. 95% of all Sailor Moon awards are stupid; anyone at all can make them. I've seen so many webpages that get awards that they don't even deserve, simply because the person running the awards was impressed by JAVA or a bunch of pics even though the info was trashy or stolen.

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PallaPalla   PallaPalla:

  • I have nothing against North American Sailor Moon pages. But don't try and dub what hasn't been done yet! Also, if using both sets of info from the English and Japanese series, at least do it right and put them in a separate section with their real names and say that this is what is upcoming in the series.
  • For the love of God! Don't fill your page with useless pictures! Make links to them instead or the almighty THUMBNAIL!
  • Make sure that your information is correct, there's nothing worse than going to two pages and hearing two UTTERLY different things such as: Page #1 'Luna becomes a human in the SMR movie.' and then Page #2 'Luna becomes human in the SMS movie.'
  • If you must insist on putting up the Japanese names, please do us a favor and spell them correctly.
  • If you have an NA Page, why the hell would you put up pictures from Sailormoon Sailorstars? Putting up a picture of Eternal Sailormoon on an NA page is really weird.
  • Make sure that your page is very organized.
  • Try and use pictures that you acquire from FTP sites or by cutting up group pictures. I think every lame Sailor Moon page has the exact same picture used for every Senshi.
  • Don't steal info from anyone.
  • Don't come up with the notion that pictures are more important than Information (ahem, NeptuneSS.) because that's really quite a load of bs. Unless it's an image archive, it's really not true.
  • Lastly, don't make a page to look cool! Because you end up looking like an idiot if we find it!

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