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Resources: Page 1

Help with HTML / Creating a Web Page

First question you have to ask yourself is, "Do I know HTML?" If you answered "no"; or the stupid "don't need to, I have a fancy HTML editor"; or even "I do, but I want to learn more techniques" take time to first look at the following excellent sites for beginner to advanced HTMLers:

If you are in Primary, Elementary, or Grade School? Try checking out these websites first:

  • Lissa Explains It All - The first HTML tutorial designed just for kids. Actually there are so many excellent tutorials here, it's great to use even if you are not a kid!
  • Webmonkey for Kids - A special version of Webmonkey designed just for Grade School Students.


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Help with JavaScript

Want to learn JavaScript or need help with finding sample scripts?

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Browser Compatibility

Need to know which browsers can handle Style Sheets, JavaScript, Tables, Frames? Here are some sites to help:

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Colour HEX Codes for HTML

Need to find colour HEX codes for your backgrounds, and links?

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Help with Graphics

Scanning Tips

Photoshop Tips

Paint Shop Pro Tips

Fireworks Tips

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Hosting and Webspace Information

Need help finding somewhere to store your webpage on the internet?

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