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Resources: Page 2

Major Shareware Sites

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Graphics, Fonts, etc.


Other: Including Counters, Forums, Chats, Guestbooks...

  • Flaming Text - Has not only indexes to free stuff, but has a lot of free stuff ready to download straight from it's own pages. Fonts, Clip Art, Tools, and more.
  • The Free Site - An index of links to tons of free stuff.

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Anime Page Help and Materials

Want more help or ideas? We recommend these pages:

Of course don't forget the other resources we have to offer on our own site:

  • Additional Articles - Articles with more advice on page making.
  • Features - Includes descriptions, listings, and articles on various types of Sailormoon pages.

Our Archived "Recommended Sites", for examples of good sites.

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Anime/Manga News Sites

To keep up on the lastest news in Anime and Manga check these pages out:

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Miscellaneous Sites

Anime Links

  • Anipike - One of the oldest, largest, and most popular link sites for anime and manga.
  • Anime Hunters - Another good anime link archive.

HTML Inspectors/Testers

Page Content Rating Services

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