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Advanced Resources

These links are recommended for only Experienced Web Site Creators who wish to expand their knowledge of web techniques and technology.

They are not for the faint of heart! Of course I am kidding, but a few of them can be fairly complex and technical in nature. If you are just learning how to put together a web site, we recommend starting with the general resources page.


Here's a listing of sites that cover several topics and more than one language.

  • Developer Shed
    Articles on serveral languages, both Server-side and Client-side, plus forums, tools and script listings.
  • Digital Web Magazine
    An online magazine that updates monthly with great articles on web design. Each monthly issue centers around a particular theme or topic.
  • Experts Exchange
    "The IT Professional Collaboration Network" A place to go and ask questions or give answers on just about everything from programming languages, networks, databases, and hardware. Runs on a point system, you are given so many points to start with, when you ask questions you use points in your bank, and you are awarded more points when you answer questions.
    Listings of scripts, and applications for: ASP, C and C++, CFML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, and XML.
  • W3 Schools
    Articles, Tutorials and examples for several web-related languages.
    Resource directories for: ASP, C & C++, CGI & Perl, CSS, Databases, DHTML, Graphics, HTML, Hosting, Java, JavaScript, Multimedia, New Technologies, Pascal, PHP, Promotion, SSI, Servers, Shockwave & Flash, Software, and VB.

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VBScript & ASP

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  • CPAN
    Comprehensive Perl Archive Network - The aim is to contain all the Perl material you will need.
    Referneces on how to learn PERL, CGI Script Libraries, articles, and tips

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CGI Script Libraries

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Macromedia Flash

  • The Flash Guide
    Now concentrates on producing free Flash MX Extensions, but the archive of many great tutorials for older versions of Flash is still available.
  • Flash 99% Good
    First Aid Manual For Usable Flash Sites. This site aims to help Flash designers build easy to use Flash sites! One of the biggest problems with Flash sites today!
  • Flash Kit
    One of the best resources for Flash. Stuffed with tutorials, open-source files, fonts, sounds, games, forums... you name it, they might just have it.
    News, articles, tutorials, resources and reviews. "The best place for information about Flash"
  • Ultrashock
    Some of the best Flash developers in the world have come together to create this site. Has the latest Flash news, interviews, open-source files, games, forums and more
  • Webmonkey: Shockwave/Flash
    The "Intro to Flash Tutorial" and "Advanced Flash Tutorial" are a must if you're just starting out.

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