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Common Mistakes with Sailormoon Info

The most common mistakes are usually confusion and mixing over the several different versions of Sailor Moon available. Other mistakes come from dumb rumors that usually start because of misinterpretations of Japanese material.

Mixing English and Japanese Info

Our Stance on "English-info-based" Pages

  • We DO NOT want to kill off sites which concentrate on the English Adaption. Dic and CWI made a version of the series, thus the info for that series exists. However, if you're making a page about the English Version, stick to what has done so far. Don't try to dub Sailor Stars on your own!

Anime vs. Manga Info

    Just like mixing English info with Japanese info is not good, mixing the info from the Sailormoon anime and manga is also a no-no. There are a lot of detailed differences in the plot and even differences in characters traits. Always make it clear that your are talking about either the anime or the manga. If your plan to have a lot of info from both the anime and the manga it's a good idea to try and split them into seperate areas or pages to help avoid confusion.

Dumb Rumors

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