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How to Rate Your Content

To effectively show how appropriate your site is for children, you can place a rating META tag in your HTML code. This tag goes inside the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags on the top of your HTML code. The rating META tag looks like this:

<META NAME="rating" CONTENT="general">

There are four different ratings you can use with this tag:

  1. "general" - Suitable for all
  2. "14 years" - Naturally for 14 years old and up
  3. "restricted" - For 18 and up
  4. "mature" - For adults (21 and up)

Just simply decide which rating your page falls into and place it in the META tag in place of "general" in the above example.

The nice thing about this tag is it is recognized by net filters, and many search engines. Thus, when people search for your site and they can check the rating of your page before they even visit it.

There are also a few sites that rate your page for you. If you are interested, we recommend checking out:

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