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Character Names

Japanese Names

The names from the Japanese version are normally written in kanji or kana, which are the standard 'alphabets' of the Japanese language. To be understood by users of the Roman Alphabet (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and other 'European-based' languages) the names are usually romanized. As with any form of translation, there can be several interpretations of certain letters or script. That is why in the list below you may find more than one way to Romanize some of the names of the major characters. This list also has the family name is listed first and the personal name is listed second, like it would be normally said or read in Japanese.

  • Moon:  Tsukino Usagi
  • Mercury:  Mizuno Ami
  • Mars:  Hino Rei
  • Jupiter:  Kino Makoto
  • Venus:  Aino Minako
  • Chibimoon:  Chibi-usa (nickname - used mostly), Tsukino Usagi (real)
  • Pluto:  Meioh Setsuna or Meiou Setsuna
  • Uranus:  Tenoh Haruka, Ten'ou Haruka or Tenou Haruka
  • Neptune:  Kaioh Michiru or Kaiou Michiru
  • Saturn:  Tomoe Hotaru
  • Tuxedo Kamen:  Chiba Mamoru
  • Sailorstarfighter:  Seiya Kou
  • Sailorstarmaker:  Taiki Kou
  • Sailorstarhealer:  Yaten Kou

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North American Names:

The following are the recognized spellings of the names for the English versions of SM. Sorry if this chart is confusing, but with the several companies involved in the english version of Sailor Moon it tends to get a bit screwy.

For those of you wonder which company is involved with what, here is a little chart:

  • DIC Entertainment : Handled the first 82 eps of the English TV adaption. This includes the original season and SMR. These episodes are now available on VHS through ADV.
  • Cloverway (CWI) : The North American branch of Toei. Handled the English TV adaption for the SMS and SMSS seasons. These episodes are now available on VHS and DVD through Pioneer Animation.
  • Pioneer Animation : Responsible for the adaption and distribution of all three SM movies, and the SMS and SMSS episodes.
  • Mixx : Owns the rights to adapt all SM manga (comic book) publications.
  • Irwin : The company that holds the rights to SM merchandise in North America. This includes the character dolls and figures.

Family Names
Still with us? Okay, next thing to remember before you read the list. When it comes to family names, some things are a bit tricky, especially where Mercury is concerned. In the Dic version, family names were generally avoided, except in two cases. Mercury is given the last name "Anderson" in an episode where she answers the phone with "Anderson residence". Mars gets the last name "Hino" in an episode where she is introduced by an announcer. Hino is the same as her Japanese family name. In the Cloverway version, family names are not 'avoided', and whenever they are used, CWI sticks with the original Japanese family names. This is where the confusion comes in, as Amy's name gets switched from Anderson, back to Mizuno by CWI. Not all of the characters have their family names mentioned, but from the several that are mentioned, it can be assumed all of the characters use their original family names with their different English first names. We have placed family names in brackets if their family name has not actually been mentioned in the dub yet. There's one more exception to take note of. Mixx at one point gives Tuxedo Mask the name "Darien Sheilds". No other version to date uses this last name for Tux.

For any character stuck with more than one english name, the name that follows TV is the one used in the English dub of SMS. The name that follows Irwin once appeared on the first issue of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto dolls in Canada. These were released before Cloverway dubbed SMS. On their re-release, the names of the dolls were changed to match Cloverway's names, thus the use of the old Irwin names are no longer correct. We left them in simply as a piece of history. Finally, the name that follows Mixx comes from the manga adaption by Mixx. Now on to the list!

  • Moon:  Serena Tsukino  Mixx: Nicknamed "Bunny", real name "Serena"
  • Mercury:  Amy Anderson (DIC), Amy Mizuno (CWI)
  • Mars:  Raye Hino
  • Jupiter:  Lita (Kino)
  • Venus:  Mina (Aino)
  • Mini Moon:  Rini
  • Pluto:  TV: Trista Meioh  Irwin: Celia  Mixx: Setsuna Meioh
  • Uranus:  TV: Amara Ten'ou  Irwin: Corinne  Mixx: Haruka Tenoh
  • Neptune:  TV: Michelle Kaioh  Irwin: Nerissa  Mixx: Michiru Kaiou
  • Saturn:  TV: Hotaru Tomoe  Mixx: Hotaru Tomoe
  • Tuxedo Mask:  Darien Shields  [Last name from the Mixx adaptions only]

Some Final Notes on the English Names:

  • More Mixx stuff...
    Mixx, the adaptors of the manga, goofed up once with the outer senshi names. For example, one issue has Uranus listed as "Alex Haruka", but several pages later calls her by her Japanese name: "Haruka Tenoh". The good news is, they stuck with the Japanese names for the outers in future issues. Maybe they meant it as joke? Who knows?

  • Fandubs
    If you found the names and info from a Fandub, do not use them! Fandubs aren't the legit authorities, and therefore they are not correct. For those of you writing fanfics, we don't care what you call them in your fanfic as long as you explain why you picked those names. That's artistic license. However, a web page is a reference tool and all information on it should be correct.

Other Languages

For information on character names in other languages, we suggest checking out
Sailormoon All Over the World.

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