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Design Tips

Text and Fonts:

General Graphics:


Screen Resolutions:

  • Remember how different computers can have different screen resolution settings. The default is 640 pixles by 480 pixles, however, less and less computers are using this resolution. So while the safest thing to do is make your pages no wider than 600 pixels, (for screens using 640), it's now pretty safe to design sites for 800 X 600, making your pages no wider than 740 pixels. Why 600 and not 640? Why 740 and not 800? Because your browsers have space for window borders, scroll bars and other items. It doesn't actually let you use the full width of the screen. Thus, 600 and 740 are the "magic numbers" to keep in mind, use those, and you shouldn't run into any problems.
  • Use no more than your chosen "magic number" of pixels for the width of your pics. If you place pics side by side in a table, make sure their widths don't add up to more than your "magic number" of pixels.
  • If you use pixels to size your table widths, do not make them larger than your chosen "magic number" of pixels. Another idea is to use percentages for your table widths. This makes a table fit any resolution. However, use this carefully, as it may leave people with higher resolutions a lot more space between items than you desired for your layouts.
  • If you use a higher resolution than 640 or 800 on your own computer, here's a little trick to see if your page will fit the lower resolutions without changing your resolutions all the time. Just paste the following HR tag into any blank HTML. That is one without any text or pics in yet.

    <HR WIDTH="600" SIZE="6"> (for 640 X 480) or
    <HR WIDTH="740" SIZE="6"> (for 800 X 600)

    Now open the HTML file in your browser, then resize the width of the browser window, making it smaller and smaller until the horizontal scroll bar appears on the bottom of the window. Pull back slightly, making the width larger, till the horizontal scroll bar is gone. Now when you load your page onto the browser, it will show you how your page will appear in 640 or 800 res. When you close the browser, it will normally save the size of the window.
  • So far we have only mentioned the width of your screen. Now height isn't as important, because most people are used to having to use the vertical scroll bar. However, it's a good idea to keep any navigation (links) you have on your site within the top part of your screen. If possible, set it up so your visitors don't have to scroll to see all of your main navigation. This ensures they can see all of your major sections at a glance, and also helps them not to miss any sections.

Getting in Contact/Email:



Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):

Accessories and Junk!

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